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Thank you for your interest in Yerp Football!

Welcome to The Yerp Football program. . .
Yerp University Youth Football was established to develop young athlete's skills both on and off the field to prepare them for middle school, high school, college and life.
Athletes with Courage is our mindset with our players. We stress to our players there is more to being a football player than just their size. We strive to change the mindset and reputation that football players are not bullies.
On the field, we expect the aggressive athlete, giving their best effort 100% of the time. However, off the field, we expect our players to lead by example, be good students, good to their families, and no bullying. We ask our players to have the courage to represent our organization with pride and be good citizens.

Football Fees:                          
Flag: K-2nd          
Tackle: 2nd
-8th    $200.00

Until May 31st then increase on pricing

If there's no trust there's no US!

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