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Our mission is to serve our communities by reaching and teaching our youth through sports, education and community service. We will promote positive self-images by providing an environment of coaches, mentors, parents and tutors who believe in our youth. We encourage them to embrace the highest values and sense of responsibilities to their families, peers and communities. We invest in our athlete's mental, physical, spiritual, financial and overall wellbeing to make them stronger individuals by reinforcing education, physical wellness and acts of services to the community.


Our vision is to have a sports association (Y.E.R.P University) that is all inclusive of Football, Basketball, Cheerleading, and Track & Field. YERP University will compete in statewide as well as national competitions in all age groups. Facilitate our students’ transition throughout each level of education from elementary to college and to the professional level. We believe that our children still are the future. Our vision is also to give back to our community and youth by providing resources and guidance programs to athletes and families.  Some examples are clothing drives during holiday periods for families who cannot afford and/or need assistance. We are willing to invest time and attention in our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, policemen, and politicians. Y.U will be a venue that cares and caters to our youngster's development and maturity.


Building up future leaders in the areas of Self Esteem, Confidence, Integrity, Leadership and Self-Empowerment.  Scholastically we expect our youth to perform at a high level, setting the standard in the classroom as well as athletics. We provide full access to our staff of educators for tutoring before and after practices. We seek to motivate our students and their families with inspirational quotes and stories of success that they can use going forward for the rest of their lives.

Donald Washington, Jr.

Y.E.R.P University Founder

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