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Show up with a great attitude and willing to learn. 

YU Cheer

Thank you for your interest in Yerp Cheer

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Welcome to The Lady Y.E.R.P Cheer homepage…home to the leading recreational cheer program in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Our program ranks as the top "feeder" program to middle and high school cheer programs in our community! Our program promotes recreational cheer with a major emphasis on fun, teamwork, and competitive sportsmanship for children ages 5-13 (August 1st). There are no try-outs and all girls registering are placed on a team. 

 The foundational principles of the Lady YERP Cheer program are: "Good Sportsmanship, Teamwork, and Spirit."  It is because of the Lady YERP Dark Knight cheerleaders, their families, and the volunteer coaches hold on true value of good sportsmanship, that the program has risen to its success over the last few years. We strive to create athletes capable of success not only in cheerleading, but in life.  Athletes involved in our cheerleading program will learn the life skills of dedication, dependability, responsibility, sportsmanship, accountability, self-confidence, and develop a great work-ethic!  

If you are a returning cheer family, we're glad to have you back! If you are a family new to The Lady YERP cheer program, we warmly welcome you and encourage your full involvement! FUN, FUN, FUN . . . Dark Knights cheerleaders enjoy cheering, stunting, tumbling, jumping, and dancing.


Cheerleading Fees                           General Registration   $125.00

$25 Tuition fee (Aug - Oct) 


Trash Bags 
Cookie dough 
**We will discuss other options** 

Remember you're students FIRST and a athlete after


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Assistant Coach: 

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